Youtil is Informative, Transformational, Educational, Friendly; and a Trusted Partner

Youtil will allow for your brands and products to be:- Highlighted to our customers at a touch of a button- Shown off to highlight your company’s innovations- More closely tied with the work your consultants and clients are providing for building owners.

This will complete a full connection, all while providing you white papers and market research based on geographical and demographical trends.

Market Trends
by Sales Data

Youtil's entire ecosystem is aimed at providing greater credibility for the consultant, thereby creating easier sales. Consultants can present the history of their work, as well as the rationale guiding their energy proposals.

Freedom of Marketplace

Manufacturers will be able to assess the strengths and weakness of competitors as well as the marketplace as a whole within Youtil’s ecosystem. This allows for more informed decisions, as well as more efficient competition.

Freedom of Specialties
& Innovation

In our current market, truly innovative products require prolonged time and marketing investments to populate in the market consciousness. Youtil, as an open marketplace, will allow instant broad reach for truly special products.


Tools to Leverage

Freedom of Market Data It is mission critical for Manufacturers to have the right products. Youtil’s historical data facilitates the identification of trends for consistent, high-profit volume when demand is highest.

Data by Order Trends

Manufacturers have the most data-intensive positions in the LED market. They must currently try to forecast demand for products, as well as the logistical demands placed on your distribution networks. Youtil records data by region and use case, among other categories, to paint a complete picture of demand and adoption for the industry.

Green Energy LED 

Opportunity for Growth via Data

Youtil understands that On Demand models for manufactures can be a bit scary. Our requirements are simple however.

We require that suppliers have:
1) a US based warehouse
2) Up-to-date inventory with commitments to 3-week delivery within the continental US
3) UL/ETL Certifications
4) Minimum warranties of 5 years
5) Pricing below MSRP. While we won’t strictly regulate this, the marketplace will.


3 simple steps for

creating your product listings in youtil

Check that you meet Youtil's manufacturer requirements for participation in the Marketplace.

Contact our product department and our brand specialists will help you create an account and initially onboard your products.

Use your account to conveniently set pricing tiers for your products and to update inventory and technical specifications!


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