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One of the biggest challenges faced by a Business Owner/Manager in the lighting and energy industries is in receiving good communication from hired Consultants.

Youtil solves that transparently. The Youtil competitive advantage is that we provide a platform for YOU the Business Owner/Manager to communicate directly with your Consultants and to hold those Consultants accountable.


The Youtil competitive advantage is that we provide a platform for YOU, the Business Owner/Manager, to transparently and directly communicate with your LED and Energy Consultants


Feel good about your ENERGY SAVINGS.


Experience a direct connection to the Youtil marketplace so you can see what products are trending, and identify the ones that will best fit your business needs.

Finding the right Fit.


Complete understanding of cost, savings, and opportunity cost as they relates to CO2 emissions.


Develop an end to end financial picture, including loan funding and rebate estimates.


Access to official product information, energy calculators, and industry insight to data.

Why Buildings and Businesses Are Going LED

A lightbulb is just a lightbulb? If you’ve never handled one up close, that may seem the case. But, there’s a bigger difference to LEDs than the technology behind them. Ask any Building Owner about the changes in their energy bills after installing LEDs, and you’ll get the answer to why LED adoption increased 400% in 2016 (DOE).

50% Reductions in Lighting Energy Overhead

LEDs are getting more efficient every year, even as prices drop. An LED bulb produces as much light as a conventional incandescent bulb using roughly 1/6 the amount of energy. LED high bays, common in distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, and indoor gymnasiums, are 3 to 4 times as efficient as conventional Metal-Halide solutions. A typical office building will shave off up to 70% of their lighting costs, and possibly more with the sophisticated controls allowed by LED lighting.

Low Operating Costs; High Property Values

LED adoption is converging with the creation of more and more sophisticated control systems.Sensors can detect and react to time of day, sunlight, motion, and even the amount of CO2 present in a room.Entire buildings can be tied together in one control center with controls so granular, building managers can dim the lights in individual rooms from home on their mobile phones.These control schemes and naturally low energy requirements, combined with solar and energy efficient HVAC, mean that your buildings are closer to being energy self-sufficient—a huge contributor to property value.

Health: It’s More Than Just the Milk from Your Cows

Switching to LED lights has been proven to increase the production of milk by cows in dairy farms.In work settings, LEDs also do away with the intermittent flickering of commonly used fluorescent tubes.Brighter, more natural light from LEDs has been shown to help facilitate happier students and employees, and better working conditions on factory and warehouse floors.Research into circadian rhythms has also shown that the quality of the light we receive has a direct effect on our sleep and long-term health.

Environmentally Friendly

Recycling traditional lights can be tricky, and toxic.Fluorescent lights contain mercury, and are strictly controlled for disposal. Ballasts, necessary for a variety of conventional lighting, are also subject to special rules for recycling and disposal.LEDs, in contrast, are essentially simple diodes on semiconductor chips. Their materials are non-toxic, they are far easier to dispose of, and their high efficiency means less energy is wasted as radiated heat.

Long Life Span

How do you feel about changing your lights every 3 to 6 to 12 months? What if you’re a facility manager with 1,500 fixtures to manage?What if switching to LEDs meant you could change your lights every 5 to 7 to 10 years.Not only are LEDs better for the environment due to their construction and low energy draw, they are far longer-lasting and low-maintenance than their antecedents.Facility managers and property owners often cite the amount of time freed in their schedules by switching to LEDs, letting them use their valuable time on other projects.


Six Simple Steps to Use Youtil

to Improve Your Facility Value

Download Youtil from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and create a User Account.

Upload your basic building information, and utility and maintenance costs to establish a baseline for your facility.

Using Youtil's lighting calculator and product database, determine what products you need for your facility.

Create a Project request with your building's room-by-room details and submit it to Youtil.

Work with Youtil's consultants as they submit bids on your project to determine which proposals most fit your needs and budget.

If you need financing, you can apply for loans through Youtil's financing partners right in the app!