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1. Simply the ability to do work and/or produce change

Energy Defined the Youtil way

On Demand was not created by tech. It was created due to horrible customer experiences and gray values that created opportunities for disruption. It’s only natural that green technology construction is next. Youtil is that connection. High-tech equals higher speed. That’s the On Demand Service model. Companies Brands and Professionals need to fulfill the heightened expectations.

Youtil fills those needs. Technology powered customers are driving and disrupting traditional businesses. The next front line is commercial properties and commercial construction to satisfy the need for timely delivery and cost efficiency.

Youtil is that driver. Communication between energy contractors, the building owner or tenant, and manufactures has never been more easy or transparent. Timelines, task completion, financing, return on investment is delivered to you and your needs via the Youtil On Demand service platform. Simply identify yourself and the application will do the rest to grow, to connect and ultimately save you time and money no matter if you are a property building owner, manufacture, or electrical consultant contractor all you have to do is download today.

Our Team

Calvin Wong

Chief Executive Officer

Superhero alter ego:

Something about me:  
Family, Travel, and Cars

Favorite emoji:

Making a Change and saving the world

Samuel Bolland

Chief Marketing Officer

Superhero alter ego:
Aqua Man
(cause Batman and Superman are so 2016)

Something about me:  
I love PNW sunrises, LA waves, proud member of the 12’s

Favorite emoji:

Being tip of the spear of marketing a revolutionary app and product it truly wakes me up every day

Katherine Defensor Rojas

Director of Business Development

Superhero alter ego:
Black Widow 

Something about me:  
I love my bed, my little boy and my husband (not in that order) oh and I love traveling and Vlogging

Favorite emoji:

The discomfort of uncertainty is the most precious part of an experience. See, if you can feel comfortable not knowing, you can do anything

Tom Ni

Brand Strategist

Superhero alter ego:

Something about me:  
I love the disparate expressions of life that is animalia

Favorite emoji:

The renewable energy revolution, properly stewarded, will bring the democratization of access to energy and economic actualization

Matthew Herl

Director of Digital Marketing

Superhero alter ego:
Adam Warlock

Something about me:  
I love writing bios for websites and my wife and soon to be three kids

Favorite emoji:

My success is moving the needle and doing something that has never been done before in the process

Samantha Rodriguez

Creative Manager /
Junior Graphic Designer

Superhero alter ego:
Baby Groot
(Although tiny, there’s a lot of sass and power.)

Something about me:  
I am obsessed with food, and collecting stickers and my dog Baymax!

Favorite emoji:

Maraki: to do something with soul,creativity and love. To put something of yourself in your work.

Youtil’s  Mission

Youtil’s mission is to provide all stakeholders in the LED lighting industry with transparency, openness of communication, and an easily accessible portal for lighting and energy education.

Youtil, at its core, is a lighting auditing software, but it encompasses facets of task streamlining, project management, and knowledge-sharing that can transform the entirety of the LED market.


All this translates to huge savings in time and manpower for our users Our professional users see, on average, a 50% reduction in time spent in the auditing and diagnostics phase.

Projects, once underway, can benefit from the timeline management tools in the app, lessening the load on your project managers and easing communication with your clients.

If you are a manufacturer, Youtil is a superior marketplace for you to show off your brand’s best products. The marketplace has built-in marketing features that will strengthen your market presence and increase your market reach.